Words of Silence

How can I say what I want to say when I don’t know what I want to say – but feel like I should say something, anything, something worth saying.

What is worth saying? I love you, I hate you, you make me feel like something is in the water. But I don’t like swimming and you don’t like your hair getting wet and I don’t like my legs in a bikini because I’ve grown.

Why don’t you like your hair getting wet I think it’s cute. Why doesn’t she like her bikini legs, I think they’re strong. There is something in the water it might be worth your voice it might be worth our time. But we don’t dare we keep on staring at the insects dancing upon the surface.

How can I say something when sounds seem to break us all – I’d like some silence please but maybe I can only hear the silence once my heart said its prayers to the moon.

Your hair is wet. I know, you look at me like I’m the only universe you know. You lift your hand and touch my cheek then you let it slide down my back. Your face comes near and I can see the water in your hair. have you been speaking your silence? your hand slides down and down and down and down…… and with your lips one finger tip away from my ear you whisper.. I like your legs in this bikini.

you grab my hand and I break the noise, let silence flow through me… the water is no longer still. someone is in it. you and me.

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