I asked my 1023948102894 Insta followers to give me random words and I took the first 15. I was so excited and wanted to start – also wow I didn’t expect this many replies).
This is the poem.
Literally don’t know whether it makes sense. But it was very fun thinking about these words, trying to put them together and honestly it brought me out of my own head and I felt connected to people – to you. So thank you for making my Monday night.
I would love to know what you think of it (text me on Insta!!). And if you expected your words to end up in a story like this… probably not…
For the Germans: cobblestone = Kopfsteinpflaster (musste ich auch erst nachgucken)

time has lost its meaning


is flowing is never a time is never set is nothing but


I can do whatever I want 

maybe that’s the problem

bicycle kissing the cobblestone

we go out when we can’t stay in

bicycle and cobblestone

they’re not sure whether they like each other

nothing stirs me up like this cobblestone 

bicycle says 

i ask

do you like being stirred up?






so you love the cobblestone

well… I don’t know

bicycle blushes

it forces me to deal with myself, ride along through the rough patches

I smile

you loooooove cobblestone


someone screams 

they must’ve heard me speaking to bicycle 

I turn around

bicycle loses control

we fall

why won’t they let me talk with bicycle

why won’t they leave me be

we fall

and have i not longed for a window in my life’s timeline 

to let myself fall

I look around

bicycle talks to cobblestone

they like each other

I knew it

I knew being stirred up is not a bad thing

numbness is the demon

things look different from down here

no desire to get up

instead I watch the sweet boys play soccer

on the lawn across the street

I guess there really is something to love 

for everyone on this planet

it’s easy to love

letting yourself love what you love

that is what’s hard

we fell

I turn my head

I can’t believe I fell

a bee at the tip of my nose


bee loses its life when fighting for it

if she wouldn’t fight maybe she wouldn’t lose 

doesn’t seem fair

remain calm

every bone of my body screams 

rise! rise! rise!

I have learned 

the hardest part isn’t to rise after a fall

it is to realise you have fallen in the first place

taking time 

looking at what the rooftops look from down here

it isn’t about rising as fast as possible

when the time is right 

I will rise

in that I trust

like the awakening of my soul 

can’t be rushed

screaming wake up, wake up!

will only let my soul sink deeper into sleep

forcing myself to rise

when I am not ready 

like setting an alarm to gaze at the moon

no need to control nature

the moon will touch me 





I am here


come and let me hold you

time has lost its meaning 

let’s stop rushing

where am I

still on the ground holding my hand upon my forehead

sun is blinding

sometimes light is blinding 

and darkness is brighter than the sun

should we stay forever

I ask bicycle and my body lets go

muscle sinks into the ground 

I am being held

by something bigger than myself

PERSPEKTIVENWECHSEL, change of perspective


no barriers within humanity


I let myself be down here


oh, with every fall I take 

I blossom

into a gentle human

isn’t it great how the 

hardest falls

soften our souls

in the most subtle ways

bicycle and I are back on the road

it just happened

we got up



not important 


is flowing is never a time is never set is nothing but


I can do whatever I want 

maybe that’s the problem

or maybe that’s the silver lining 

in the midst of humanity

I am in charge of my 


look who helped me write this!

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